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Flight M8





Flight M8 is a travel app that allows you to share your seat assignment in order to interactively help you choose your flight mate.  With Flight M8, those restless and annoying flights are now a thing of the past.  Now there is a simple and easy way to choose your flight companion and it’s called Fight M8.

Whether you like to read or sleep, Flight M8’s interactive profile database will allow you to search for your flight and see what users are on that flight.  Furthermore, you will be able to read through each users profile on that flight to see who fits best with your travel needs.  So if you’re traveling for work and would like to sleep so you can recharge for your final destination, you can choose to sit beside others that have that same preference.  Or if you’re a conversationalist, you may want to sit beside someone who enjoys engaging in conversation as well.

Choosing your Flight M8 is easy – here is how it’s done:

-As you are booking your flight and the seat selection screen becomes available, you will need to interactively open the Flight M8 app.

-Once the app is opened, you will need to search the flight number that corresponds to the seat selection you are trying to make.

-If that flight number cannot be found in the Flight M8 database, this means that the flight profile hasn’t been created and you will need to create the flight profile.  At this moment, you are the first user on that flight and you can input your seat selection so that future flight M8’s with similar interest can choose you as their mate.

-If the flight is found, you can search through users already on the flight and choose to sit beside a mate that you feel will give you the most enjoyable flight experience.

-Through the user profiles you will have the option of seeing what your mate looks like (if they’ve uploaded a picture as this is optional), and other things such as whether they have a sleeping, talking or reading preference and even if they are traveling with children or not.

-Once you have found your Flight M8, you can now interactively go back to your seat selection screen and choose the seat number that corresponds to the seat beside your Flight M8, and update your Flight M8 profile with your seat selection for that particular flight.

-Finally, enjoy your flight!